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Maxwell "0xGuru" Diewold

Web3 Gamer & Visionary - Specializing in Growth & Marketing


My name is Max, (AKA 0xGuru)

I'm a creator and business professional who specializes in the Web3 space (Blockchain, Gaming, etc.)

Welcome to my site! You'll find many useful resources to learn about and connect with me here.

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My Most Notable Web3 Projects & Brands

MTTM Logo White Transparent.png

Founder - Method to the Mythos (MTTM)

MTTM is one of the most well-respected brands in the web3 gaming space. Founded at the beginning of 2021; we have grown to over 4,000 active community members while creating strategic partnerships with many successful web3 gaming projects and establishing ourselves as an elite esports presence in both web2 and web3 professional leagues.

LR Logo Sharp.png

Head of Growth & Game Design - Last Remains

Last Remains is an online survival game that utilizes unique game mechanics and state-of-the-art tokenomics to deliver a novel player experience. Published by Earn Alliance, developed in partnership with Renderer Games Studio, teams made up of game and blockchain experts hailing from Blizzard, Riot Games, Zynga, Junglee Games, Binance, Huobi, Bethesda, Tencent, and Sandbox VR managing all game operations, tokenomics, and marketing. Partners also include Avocado DAO, GGG, IndiGG, Owned, ReadyPlayerDao, Elixir Games, The Juice Team, Bored Box, and more.


Lead Tokenomics Advisor - Tribally Games

Tribally Games has already established itself as a leading community and tooling partner for some of the space's top web3 games, from Axie Infinity to Sipher Odyssey, Pixelverse, and more. As their leading web3 tokenomics advisor, I joined the team to help them develop and refine their innovative ideas for "community-driven" token economies. I'm also assisting in content development and go-to-market strategy for the Tribally Games ecosystem.

MTTM PFPs (3).png

Lead Advisor - Sipher Odyssey

Sipher Odyssey "formerly Sipherxyz" is one of the most anticipated web3 games of the year, having been ranked #2 in the recent KPMG Emerging Giants report. I've been a lead advisor for the project since day 1, helping develop many core game systems and community outreach programs, as well as advising the team on advanced tokenomics and sustainable web3 gaming models.

MTTM PFPs (4).png

Strategic Advisor - Axie Infinity

One of the most recognizable web3 games in the world, Axie Infinity officiated the concept of blockchain gaming through their famous "Play 2 Earn" model. Having started my web3 career with Axie Infinity, I'm proud to be a current advisor, having helped develop and launch many recent community and marketing initiatives, as well as the public beta test environment for their new game mode Origins.

My Content Channels

Collabs & Interviews

Web3 is such an exciting space with many talented people creating their own unique content. Here are some of the content collaborations I've done.

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